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Product Of The Month

Every month we spotlight a bread or product that we sell in our cafés. We hope you enjoy learning a little about them. Stop by any of our locations to sample these treats and take something home to share.

German Rye

This hearty, seeded rye bread scented with nigella seeds is quite a process to make, but the results are worth it. The three keys to creating our new German Rye bread are a lengthy scald, a natural rye starter, and making a soaker with stale rye bread, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. These three essentials bring out the sweetness of the rye grain, add a slightly sour but caramelized flavor, and help create an overall coarse texture.

Macrina’s scald involves boiling Fairhaven’s whole grain milled rye and then allowing it to soak for 18 hours. This brings about a series of physical and chemical changes that ultimately provide the flavor of the bread. The natural rye starter we use is one I created nearly 20 years ago. The soaker, which gets added to the dough, is another process of additional fermentation that acts as a flavor booster. After baking, this rustic pan loaf cures for a day before it’s ready for slicing.

I love this loaf for breakfast, thinly sliced, toasted, and topped with ripe avocado, slices of Beecher’s Flagship cheese, extra virgin olive oil, flaky salt and cracked pepper. It is also the perfect base for a Scandinavian smørrebrød sandwich or, simply spread with butter.

- Leslie