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Product Of The Month

Every month we spotlight a bread or product that we sell in our cafés. We hope you enjoy learning a little about them. Stop by any of our locations to sample these treats and take something home to share.

Porcini Harvest Roll Tray

These rolls are perfect for holiday dinners. The addition of russet potatoes to the whole grain and rye flours adds tenderness and keeps these rolls moist. Porcini mushrooms, olive oil and chopped fresh herbs lend their wonderful flavors. We began baking this bread as a loaf but our customers demanded it in roll form. I can see why. They are excellent with roasted poultry, whether it’s a quick one-pot chicken or a full Thanksgiving turkey meal.

To make things easy, we bake six pull-apart rolls in a paper mold that is designed to be reheated in your oven for 10 minutes and served. Not only are the rolls better warm, but you’ll fill your kitchen with the aroma of freshly baked bread. Leftover rolls (on the off chance they don’t all get eaten) are perfect for making sliders. My favorite day-after meal combination is turkey, Roasted Artichoke Spread and cranberry.

- Leslie