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Bread Menu

We have been sharing our artisan breads with the Seattle community since 1993, and we're proud to be named one of the best bread bakeries in America by Bon Appétit Magazine.

Made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients, our loaves are hand-formed and baked fresh throughout the day. You can find these breads at any of our cafés.

Seeded Rye Panini
Apricot Nut

1 lb Loaf - $5.00
Our light sourdough with dried, unsulphured Turkish apricots, roasted walnuts and pecans. Slightly sweet.

Blackburn Wheat

1.875 lb Loaf - $6.20
2.5 oz Roll - $0.85
This vegan-friendly, whole-grain loaf is slightly sweetened with agave syrup instead of honey.


2 lb Loaf - $6.50
3 oz Buns - $1.00
Seeded Burger Buns - $1.65
A classic French bread enriched with eggs, butter, vanilla, unbleached flour and sugar.

Bui Bun

3.5 oz Bun - $1.00
Great banh mi rely on fresh bread with the right mix of crackle, spring and chew. With that in mind, Macrina’s head baker, Phuong Bui, created this loaf for the famous sandwich from his homeland of Vietnam. The Bui Bun has a crisp crust and tender, airy crumb, just right for the perfect banh mi or hoagie sandwich.


1 lb Loaf - $6.25
4 oz Hoagie Roll - $1.40
A Friday tradition. We have been told our braided loaf is the best in town. Only delivered mid-morning and afternoon.

Cheesy Garlic Pull-Apart

7 oz pack - $7.75
Our Kaiser Roll topped with cheese, garlic butter and freshly chopped herbs. Baked in a paper tray for easy reheating.


1 lb Loaf - $4.00
5 oz Bun - $1.50
Our traditional, moist Italian “slipper bread.” The thin crust makes it perfect for sandwiches or spreads.


6 oz Bag - $6.50
Thinly sliced bread brushed with olive oil and toasted. A great alternative to crackers. Available in a variety of flavors.


1.5 lb Loaf - $6.00
This hearth bread is made by traditional methods using extra virgin olive oil, unbleached and semolina flours, and kosher salt.

Fresh Herb

14 oz Baguette - $4.00
2.5 oz Roll - $0.85
Seeded Burger Bun 4-pack - $5.50
A Tuscan-style dough made with freshly-picked herbs and coarse sea salt.

German Rye Bread

22 oz - $6.25
The three keys to creating our German Rye are a lengthy scald, a natural rye starter, and making a soaker with stale rye bread, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. This brings out the sweetness of the rye grain, adds a slightly sour but caramelized flavor, and helps create an overall coarse texture.


1.25 lb Loaf - $4.55
1.5 lb Sliced Pan Loaf - $5.70
2.5 oz Roll - $0.85
8 oz Panini - $2.25
Our classic, crusty Italian loaf leavened with biga (traditional Italian sponge starter) and unbleached flour. Lighter in salt.

Greek Olive

1 lb Loaf - $5.25
1 lb Baguette - $5.25
A highly sought-after specialty of our bakery. It is made with a sour starter, a small addition of organic rye flour and lemon zest, and is packed full of Kalamata olives.


20-Pack - $8.00
Flavorful Italian breadsticks lightly seasoned with green olives and fennel. Wrap with thinly sliced prosciutto for an elegant appetizer.

Kaiser Roll

4 oz - $1.40
4-Pack - $5.55
This wonderful sandwich roll is airy in texture. Its traditional rose design is topped with white and black sesame seeds.

Macrina Baguette

12 oz Plain - $3.75
12 oz Seeded - $4.00
Our version of a French baguette with a soft interior and crispy crust.

Macrina Casera

"Of This House"
1.25 lb Loaf - $4.50
Leavened with a natural, wild starter made from organic grapes, coarse whole wheat, and unbleached flours. The dough is usually formed into a round loaf but is also available as a batard (football shape).

Monkey Bread

18 oz - $6.50
Buttery Brioche pieces rolled with cinnamon sugar and tart Granny Smith apples. Topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and baked in a tray for easy reheating.

Oatmeal Buttermilk

1.5 lb Sliced Pan Loaf - $5.50
Our version of an old-fashioned favorite. A soft-textured bread with a slightly sweet finish. Available whole or sliced.


14 oz Loaf - $5.00
2.5 oz Roll - $0.85
Similar in texture to focaccia, this moist, savory loaf is packed with whole, green Mt. Athos olives and oregano. Baked on semolina flour and brushed with extra virgin olive oil.

Onion Bialy

Soft pretzel-like dough twisted into a tie with roasted onions and poppy seeds. Great with butter and morning coffee.

Pane Francese

1 lb Loaf - $4.25
Shaped like a classic French baguette, this long loaf has a lot of crust, light airy texture and slightly sour flavor. Combines Fairhaven Mill’s whole-grain wheat flour, unbleached flour and a starter developed from Hightower Cellars Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Pizza Bianca

Similar to a thin, airy focaccia, this versatile bread is adorned with dimples, flakes of sea salt and just a hint of fresh rosemary.

Pretzel Roll

4 oz Roll - $1.65
Our own special pretzel bread. The caramelized crust is heavily sprinkled with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and coarse salt. The chewy interior makes it ideal for dips or holding in juicy sandwich contents.


1.5 lb Loaf - $4.60
A crusty Italian loaf made with organic whole wheat flour, organic rye flour and unbleached all-purpose white wheat flour. This is our whole grain version of our popular Giuseppe loaf.

Raisin Brioche Twist

1.5 lb Loaf - $7.25
Our moist Brioche dough with the addition of plump raisins. The pieces are braided together with a blend of sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. A breakfast sensation!

Raisin Pumpernickel

1.3 lb Loaf - $6.25
A dense, slightly sweet bread created in honor of our 20th anniversary! Made with Williams Brothers Hard Red Winter Whole-Grain Flour, coarse rye flour, cornmeal, raisins, pumpkin seeds and natural starter. Enjoy it with a bit of unsalted butter, soft Brie or triple-crème cheese.

Rustic Potato

1.25 lb Loaf - $4.75
2.5 lb Sliced Loaf - $7.00
2.5 oz Roll - $0.85
Baguette - $3.75
Our most popular bread made with unpeeled russet potatoes, unbleached flour, yeast and extra virgin olive oil. It has an exceptional shelf life and is perfect for sandwiches.


1.5 lb Loaf - $4.75
With Onions - $4.75
A traditional rye made with organic rye flour, sour rye starter, caraway and nigella seeds. Available with roasted onions.

Sardinian Flatbread

Pack - $5.50
Pack w/ Truffle Salt - $7.25
Cracker bread made with semolina flour and fresh rosemary, brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Break it apart and dip it in our fabulous spreads!

Seeded Rye Panini

7.5 oz Each - $2.50
Our popular Rye dough hand-formed into a thin baguette and rolled in sesame, fennel and poppy seeds.

Semolina Rosemary

1.375 lb Loaf - $4.50
Made from the hardest core of the wheat grain, this soft and creamy mild-flavored bread has a thin, crisp crust that is sprinkled with rosemary and coarse sea salt.

Sodo Roll Tray

Tray of 6 - $5.50
Soft-crusted rolls enriched with eggs and sweetened with a touch of sugar. Perfect as a dinner roll, or for making sliders.

Sour White

1.25 lb Loaf - $4.50
2.5 oz Roll - $0.85
7 oz Ficelle - $2.50
This bread is made with organic, hard red winter wheat grown in Utah. Its full, sour flavor is developed from a natural, wild starter begun more than a decade ago.


8 oz Baguette - $2.25
With Olives - $3.25
A slender, airy Italian baguette brushed with olive oil. Perfect for sandwiches or enjoyed with soups and salads.


1 lb Loaf - $5.00
2.5 oz Roll - $0.85
A German-style, six-grain cereal and seed bread made with a beer starter, barley, organic rye and whole wheat flours, sweetened with honey and molasses.

Wheat Herb Walnut

1 lb Baguette - $5.00
A light, sour wheat dough with roasted walnuts and freshly picked rosemary, thyme, parsley and sage.

Whole Wheat Cider

1.8 lb Sliced Pan Loaf - $6.50
Burger Buns 4-Pack - $6.00
Combines organic whole wheat flour, toasted sesame seeds, wheat berries, apple cider, honey and salt.

Interested in serving Macrina products in your restaurant or cafe? Inquire about our wholesale prices.