More from Macrina Cookbook Launch Party

Leslie's new book!

Leslie’s new book!

Last night we held a celebration for the launch of Leslie’s new cookbook, More from Macrina. It was an opportunity to gather with friends and family while honoring the Macrina community. Leslie signed cookbooks while sampling some of the delicious recipes. Favorites included the Gluten-Free Chocolate-Chocolate Melts, the Best BLT Ever and our Pane Francese with Mission Fig and Kalamata Tapenade.

Kelly and Tim Hightower from Hightower Cellars provided glasses of their Estate Blend, which is made from the same grapes that we use in the starter for our Pane Francese.

It was a great night! Leslie will be signing her new cookbook at various locations around town, beginning with our own cafes this weekend. Catch her at our Belltown Café on Saturday and our McGraw Café on Sunday. Both events start at 10am. Leslie will be signing books until 1pm. We’ll also be sampling recipes, decorating cupcakes and making cookies until 4pm. Be sure to check our blog again for more book signing updates!

The Perfect Roll for a Perfect Sandwich at Paseo

The Cuban RoastEvery day four of our bakers spend several hours forming, shaping and baking hundreds of our crusty, fragrant Giuseppe rolls for delivery to one of Seattle’s favorite eateries, Paseo.

Lorenzo Lorenzo (his real name – Paseo’s owner and chef) has worked for years to perfect the Cuban Roast, a sandwich made with succulent pulled pork marinated in his secret combination of spices and served with seasoned aioli, cilantro, incredibly delectable, grilled onions, and crispy romaine.

Our Giuseppe roll is the perfect roll for a robust sandwich like the Cuban Roast. The secret to a great sandwich, we think, is the bread that holds it all together, and we’re very proud that our Giuseppe roll serves as the perfect foundation for Lorenzo’s creation. Not so soft that it collapses under the weight and juices of the sandwich ingredients and not so firm that the sandwich’s ingredients spill out into your lap when you take a bite.

Lunch!Our Giuseppe roll not only holds together Lorenzo’s creation, but perfectly complements the beautiful flavors in a way that helps Paseo sell an amazing 1,500 to 1,800 Cuban Roasts every day.

We’re proud to be a part of what makes Paseo a Seattle landmark and a must-have for food lovers across the city.  We hope when you visit Paseo (and we know you will) you’ll think of Macrina with every bite of that Cuban Roast sandwich that you’re already picturing yourself eating.

Phuong Hoang Bui

PhuongThroughout my new book, More from Macrina, interspersed among the recipes and beautiful photography, are stories about the people and partnerships that make the Macrina community.

Phuong Hoang Bui has worked at Macrina for 18 years and as much as anyone, he embodies the spirit of the Macrina community in a way that makes me so proud to have him as a colleague.  I first met Phuong through the International Rescue Committee, where he had been eagerly seeking employment.  At our first meeting, Phuong conveyed a deep desire to work and to learn – I hired him as a dishwasher on the spot. This was in 1994 – just after Macrina first opened.

While he worked as a dishwasher, Phuong would always make himself available to help with food prep, to help shape bread, and to watch the bakers load the ovens – constantly seeking opportunities to learn more so that he could grow professionally while supporting Macrina’s growth.

18 years later Phuong manages our entire wholesale production team – fifty employees in all, diverse in age, ethnicity and experience – and Phuong takes great care to help them all develop the skills to succeed in their work, and for many of them, to adapt to a new life in Seattle.

Before starting at Macrina, Phuong had been trying to get to America from his native Vietnam for some time.  His first attempt was as a boat refugee when he was captured and imprisoned for two years.  When he was released Phuong received help and support from friends and family, which led to his arrival and new life in the United States.

Today, everything Phuong does through his work at Macrina demonstrates his gratitude for the help and support he has received. Phuong works with his team to help them develop professionally and embrace new opportunities, just as he did (and continues to do).  Phuong’s desire to repay the kindness he was shown when he first arrived here reflects so much of the culture here at Macrina, and just as Phuong is grateful for the life he has here, I am grateful for the chance to have him be a part of our daily life at Macrina.

Learn more about Phuong and his amazing journey in More from Macrina. 

Toulouse Petit – Queen Anne

We’ve loved Toulouse Petit ever since owner Brian Hutmacher opened his New Orleans inspired restaurant in late 2009. Voted in 2010 as one of the Ten Best Happy Hours in the Nation, the warm, airy space is the perfect setting to enjoy their Big Easy inspired menus created by Executive Chef Eric Donnelly.

Eric appreciates that Toulouse Petit is not just one of Macrina’s customers. He’s happy when he sees Leslie and Rebecca Early, our Sales Manager, in to entertain friends or to simply have a bite to eat. “It’s good to maintain those relationships,” he says. “We’ve always been a fan of the product and the people there. They’ve taken care of us.”

We’re proud to say that our breads are a delicious part of some of their signature items. They use our potato buns during Happy Hours on their sliders and our brioche is the foundation of their beloved French Toast and their decadent White Chocolate Bread pudding. Our Potato Rolls serve as the foundation for three of their most popular sandwiches. That most New Orleanian of sandwiches, the muffaletta, comes piled with hot coppa, mortadella, soppresatta, provolone, spicy olive-pepper relish and fresh herb mayonnaise. Their hamburger is a blend of prime rib eye, Painted Hills natural short ribs and skirt steak ground in house and topped with Delice de Bourgogne Triple Cream Brie and fresh herb mayonnaise. Eric is especially proud of their lamb burger. Lamb sirloin from Anderson Ranch in the Willamette Valley is ground with shallots, clove, cumin, cardamom and other spices for a delicious, juicy burger that they top with chevre. With an a accompanying salad of hot pepper jelly, arugula, Mama Lil’s peppers, cornichons and parsley, it may be one of the best kept burger secrets in the city!